Welcome to Year 4

Teacher: Miss Frost
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Layton & Mrs Thornett

Summer First Half Term Objectives

Year: 4      Date: April 2021

This is intended for parents and pupils to share the learning objectives for the term. It also provides targets for the term ahead.








To add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. 

To calculate fractions of amounts.  

To solve problems to calculate quantities. 

To understand tenths and hundredths. 

To recognise and write tenths or hundredths as decimals. 

To understand tenths and hundredths on a place value grid and on a number line. 

To divide 1-digit and 2-digit numbers by 10.                      

To divide 1-digit or 2-digit numbers by 100.

To write, order, compare and round decimals. 


*Children are required to know all 12 times tables by heart by the end of Y4. We practise them every day in class; please help your child learn them at home. To help practise them they can complete the activities on Times Table Rock Stars and Purple Mash.   

My Maths target is:
I know multiplication and division facts for the 12 times table. 



Objectives:  Text: Iron Man   

Writing- Discuss writing similar to that which we are planning to write, record ideas, build cohesion within paragraphs through controlled use of tense, subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions, proof-read work for spelling and punctuation errors and assess the effectiveness of writing and suggest improvements. 

Reading- Listen to and discuss texts, draw inferences such as inferring characters thoughts and feelings and justifying these with evidence from the text, prepare poems to read aloud, discuss words and phrases that capture the reader’s imagination.

Grammar- Create expanded noun phrases by adding adjectives of prepositional phrases to nouns, correct use of apostrophes for personal possession, correct use of inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech, correct use for Standard English forms of verb inflections, e.g. ‘we were’ instead of we was

My English targets are: 


Writing- I can suggest ways to improve my own and others' writing.  

Reading- I can identify phrases that capture the reader.   

Other useful information for this 1/2 term:



  • Remember your reading book and planner every day
  • Please write in your child’s planner whenever you hear them read, this does not have to be their school reading book, it can be a library book, a book your child enjoys reading, etc. Remember there are example questions to ask them about their book in the planner.    
  • All homework in now set on Google Classroom- English Homework is set on a Tuesday and due inFriday.  Maths homework is set on Friday and due in on a Tuesday.
  • Spellings are set on Friday for a test the following Thursday.   
  • Children are to come to school in their tracksuit ready for P.E. Please remember to tie up long hair and take out earrings or provide plasters.  

Please remember to bring a drink everyday- either water or squash.  


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes:



The text we are working from this half term in our English lessons is ‘The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  


During our lessons we will



  • Listen to, read and discuss the text. 
  • Learn new vocabulary from the text. 
  • Ask and answer questions about the text to develop understanding.
  • Predict what might happen next based on what has been stated or implied. 
  • Discuss and record ideas to create a plan. 
  • Create a description of the ‘Iron Man.’ 
  • Write poetry. 

Create a new adventure for the ‘Iron Man.’



Art Project - Russia:


We have loved learning about Russia- where it is, about their culture, traditional foods eaten and about some famous Russians. 




Our activities included




  • Creating a class collage of the Russian flag.
  • Designing a Russian doll.
  • Listening to some Russian folk music.
  • Watching and taking part in traditional Russian dancing. 
  • Listening to a famous Russian story called ‘The firebird.’ 
  • Learning about the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and looking at some of his pieces of artwork.
  • Creating a piece of artwork using circles and triangles inspired by Kandinsky. 
  • Mixing colours and experimenting to create a circle painting like Kandinsky’s.
  • Creating an original piece of artwork inspired by Kandinsky. 

Designing and making a Faberge egg.


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