Welcome to Year 3 

Teacher: Miss Addison   
Teaching Assistants: Mrs T. Williams & 
Mrs V. Thornett


Summer First Half Term Objectives

Year: 3      Date: 20th April 2021

This is intended for parents and pupils to share the learning objectives for the term. It also provides targets for the term ahead.







  • Recognise and find half, a quarter & a third of a set of objects or an amount.
  • To understand the term denominator and numerator.
  • To write fractions using denominators and numerators.
  • To compare and find equivalent fractions.
  • To order fractions with the same denominator.
  • To add and subtract fractions.
  • To tell the time with increasing accuracy to the 5 and 1 minute.
  • To find and compare the duration of events
  • To measure time in seconds
My Maths target is:
To know 3, 4, 6 and 8 times table.





Text: Egyptian Cinderella      Objectives:






  • Plan their writing by discussing and recording ideas and rehearsing sentences orally.
  • To write using paragraphs, organising the content around a theme.
  • To write a first person narrative of a familiar story.
  • Proof-read for errors and read their own writing out loud.
  • To assess their own and others writing suggesting improvements.





  • To increase their familiarity with a wide range of books.
  • Use a dictionary to check the meaning of unfamiliar words
  • Answer and ask questions to improve the understanding of a text.





  • Developsentence structure by using fronted adverbials, subordinate clauses and expanded noun phrases.
  • To use commas and apostrophes.        

My English target is:

Writing- I can compose and rehearse sentences orally before writing. 

Reading- I can draw inference to infer characters thoughts, feelings and motives from their actions and justify using evidence from the text. 

Handwriting – to form all letters correctly and continue developing joined handwriting.


Other useful information for this term:


  • Remember your reading book and planner every day.
  • Please write in your child’s planner whenever you hear them read, this does not have to be their school reading book, it can be a library book, a book your child enjoys reading, etc. Remember there are example questions to ask them about their book in the planner.    
  • English Homework is set on a Tuesday and due in Friday.  Maths homework is set on Friday and due in on a Tuesday.
  • Spellings are given out on Fridays for a test the following Thursday.   
  • P.E is on Tuesdays this half term, please tie up long hair and take out earrings or provide plasters.  

Please remember to bring a drink everyday- either water or squash.

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