A guide to assessment at Little Bloxwich

for English and Maths



Children’s progress and attainment is tracked using a termly tracker containing national curriculum objectives for each year group.  These objectives have been selected from long-term planning yearly overviews which have been organised to develop skills for mastery by allowing time for introducing, reasoning, developing and applying skills over several weeks.  These skills are then revisited, used and applied throughout the rest of the year.

Teachers use a – to indicate that an objective has been introduced to children, a + when a child has grasped the objective and the + is then circled when a child is mastering it by using the skill in a variety of contexts and applying it accurately whenever needed.  The mastery element (identified by circled crosses) may not be evidenced until later in the year so colours are used for each term – Orange for Autumn term, Green for Spring term and Yellow for Summer term.  Maths is assessed against half termly objectives, Reading and Writing are assessed against the end of year objectives.

To evidence mastery, an objective must be achieved consistently when a child applies it in a wide variety of contexts.  The child may explain their thinking and show a clear understanding of what they are doing.


If a child demonstrates that they understand/grasp the majority of the learning objectives taught in any half term, we consider them to have made the expected progress and we will award them 1 progress point.  This means a child should achieve 6 progress points across the year.

Progress is recorded every half term on the class trackers and submitted to the head teacher before half termly pupil progress meetings.

Progress is also monitored through weekly book trawls and learning walks.

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