Our School Development Plan 2019-20

Dear Parents & Children,

Each year the staff and Governors at Little Bloxwich consider how we can make our school an even better place to be.

Once we have done this we produce our school development plan.

This year we have 4 priorities.

Priority Focus

What will you see at school

1.-Ensure the quality of education we offer is delivered through a curriculum designed for our children where there are clear progressions of skills in place alongside opportunities for first hand experiences whilst also helping to prepare them for the future.

Letters will come home telling you about the key learning for discovery quest topics.
-Children will be coming home with stickers , please ask them about the word on the sticker they will tell you what it means.
-Teachers are planning more practical experiences for the children. Such as Y6 going to the shops on the bus last term.
-We will be talking to our children about the careers they are interested in and hopefully visiting Walsall College and the University.
-You will see on the website (under curriculum) clear skills development ladders, so you can talk to your children about being a Historian or Artist.


2 - To ensure that the English curriculum matches the needs of all children to ensure good progress is made by all children.

-Handwriting will still be a focus, so please expect handwriting homework.
-Children need to know "why" they are writing it is important they understand the purpose. So please ask them.
-We will be using the library more, so when it is your turn please come in and help your child choose a book.
-Children will have "writing word banks" when they are writing so when you see them ask the children about the.
-We will also be introducing "Votes for Schools" this is a way to encourage children to debate world issues today. So watch out for these.

3 – To ensure that the maths curriculum matches the needs of all children to ensure good progress is made by all children.

-We want our children to understand the importance of maths, so we will be planning activities that help them understand how maths is used everyday.

-Watch out for the re-launch of times table rock stars.

-Our younger children will be having homework that focuses on number formation and reading numbers, along with other maths skills..

4 – To further develop the Christian Distinctiveness within our school.

-Children will be more involved in leading worship.

-We are developing a system to recognise when children and adults demonstrate one of our Christian values.

-You will see a timeline of all the Bible stories we read in worship in the hall.

-we will also make sure the children know why we need to support people less fortunate than us through the charities we support.

This is just a small part of the plan if you would like to see the full school development please come into school to see Mrs.Taylor.


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