Basic Information
 SCHOOL NAME AND ADDRESS Little Bloxwich C of E VC Primary School
Grenfell Road
WS3 3DL  
 MEMBERS OF STAFF TO CONTACT Mrs E. Taylor  Head Teacher  
  Miss R. Oliver Deputy Head Teacher  
  Mrs C. Down Business Manager  
  Mrs J. Powell Admin Assistant  
 OUR CHAIR OF GOVERNORS IS Mr Luke Morgan, c/o Little Bloxwich School  
Civic Centre
Darwall Street
Telephone number – Walsall (01922) 650000  
Welcome to Little Bloxwich C of E VC Primary School

The original Little Bloxwich C.E. Primary School opened in 1876, on the site of the old Millfield Nursery. The new school premises were opened in September 1971 with classrooms opening out onto a shared library areas. There is a central hall which is used for assembly, P.E. and as a dining hall. We also have an ICT room that has recently been updated with new computers. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard that the staff and children use daily to enhance the teaching and learning at Little Bloxwich. Our school is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School, which means we have strong links with our local church, Holy Ascension. We work closely with Reverend Turner who along with 14 other people who are our school Governors who are responsible for the management of our school.

We can admit up to 30 children in each year group and we educate children between the ages of 4 and 11 years. As our school is very popular the governors allocate places in accordance with our published admissions criteria which is as follows:


Admission Arrangements for Little Bloxwich School

The present criteria for admissions in the event of Little Bloxwich C.E. school being oversubscribed are as follows:

i) having a brother or sister already in attendance at the school
ii) relevant medical or social factors, as confirmed by a medical practitioner or
social worker which shows that attendance at the school is essential iii) church membership – 25% may be allocated.
iv) proximity of home address to the school as the crow flies;
Please do not hesitate to ask for further clarification on admissions procedures. We strongly believe that




It is our aim that between us and with your support we can give your child the best education possible.

Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school by appointment with the Head Teacher.


The Ethos of
Little Bloxwich C. of E. VC Primary School


Our aims

Our vision is to:

Develop the children both as individuals and as members of the community.

We believe that children need to be encouraged and supported so that they: - Develop self confidence and independence
- Develop a questioning and inquisitive attitude to learning
- Are industrious, conscientious and persistent individuals
- Can be creative and show inventiveness
- Show self-discipline and respond positively to each other
Underlying this we want our children to be happy and well balanced individuals

To achieve this, children need to be in an environment that has high expectations of:
- Behaviour
- Manners and courtesy.
- Dress and general personal presentation.
- Care, consideration for property, and the feelings of others. - Personal standards of work.
- Moral/Spiritual awareness.

Our school is a positive place where we believe every child can succeed.

We are a Church of England school and as part of our Collective Worship we will introduce children to the Anglican Tradition and Christian teaching. The School is committed to collective worship and to the spiritual development of the pupils.



Our school family promotes 

Caring, courtesy,
Conscientiousness and
Courage within a secure
Environment based on
Christian values.

How the School is organised
The Staff
Head Teacher Mrs E. Taylor   
Deputy Head Teacher Miss R. Oliver  
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs E. Chantler  
Teaching Staff  Area of Responsibility Class
Mrs E. Chantler Music, Art and Curriculum Rec
Mrs J. Smith
 Phonics and Geography  Y1
Mrs S. Dyson  R.E. and P.E.
Miss H. Allan  SENCO  Y2
Mrs C. Perks Science and DT  Y3
Miss A. Frost History and P.E.  Y4
Mrs J. Clarke NQT  Y5
Miss A. Stewart French Computing & English  Y6
Miss R. Oliver Maths, PSHE, SMSC (Including British Values), Children’s University, E-safety and NQT Induction.  Y6
Mrs E. Taylor 

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Assessment, Teaching and Learning, Worship, SPOC and Christian Distinctiveness. 

Classroom Assistants    

Miss R. Pugh               Mrs T. Williams              Mrs V Thornett        
Mrs. J. Moreton         Miss R. Crook             
Mrs. S. Layton            Miss A. Addison

Mrs. J. Humpage        Mr P. Walters

Miss S. Owen             Mr N. Buttery          

Mrs J Cordon             Miss A Whitticase

Business Manager  Area of Responsibility  

Mrs C. Down

 Health & Safety Competent Person  
Parent Support Advisor


Mrs M Davies
Admin Assistant    
Mrs J. Powell    
Mr K. Moreton    
Catering Assistant    
Mrs K. Dilger    
Lunchtime Supervisors    

Mrs Sedgwick (Principal), Mrs Fletcher (Senior), Mrs Hunt,  Mr Buttery,
Miss Griffiths,  Mr Walters, 
Mrs E. Malpass, Mrs Xue, Mrs Hatfield,
Mrs Cordon, Mrs Mayo, Mrs Harper, Mrs Davies and Miss Fieldhouse.

Breakfast Club
Mrs A. Woolaston (leader), Mrs W. Onions (assistant)
School Cleaners    

Mrs A. Vaughan and Mrs A Boffin

Who are our Governors?
Chairman Mr L. Morgan  
Vice-Chairman Mrs S. Humpage  
Head Teacher Mrs E. Taylor  
 Ms S. Dewis  Term of office ends 01.11.2022
 Reverend C. Turner
 Mrs E. Page  Term of office ends 12.04.2021
 Mrs E. Wyatt  Term of office ends 10.02.2023
 Ms S. McCarthy
 Term of office ends 25.10.2022
 Mr E. Battison  Term of office ends 25.10.2022
 Mr L. Morgan  Term of office ends 25.06.2019
 Mrs S. Humpage  Term of office ends 30.06.2019
Mrs J. Moreton         Term of office ends 30.06.2019

Mrs S. Budesha                 

 Term of office ends 30.06.2019
 Mrs J. Cordon  Term of office ends 30.06.2019
 Mrs S. Knight  Term of office ends 30.06.2019
 Mrs E. Taylor  Head Teacher  
 Mrs J. Smith  Term of office ends 31.03.2022
 Miss R. Oliver  Term of office ends 28.09.2018
Educational Visits

During the school year all children will have the opportunity to participate in school trips, educations workshops or performances.
In order to fund these activities parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution. If a large percentage of pupils do not contribute towards the cost, the activity will be cancelled

School Times


 (Reception, Year 1 and 2)

8.55am - 12.00 noon

1.00pm - 3.15pm



 (Years 3, 4) 

8.55am - 12.00 pm

1.00pm - 3.25pm

 (Years 5, 6)

8.55am - 12.15 pm

1.15pm - 3.25pm

Holiday Dates for 2019/2020
 Autumn Term 2019

*Monday 2nd September - Friday 25th October

Monday 4th November - Friday 20st December

 Spring Term 2020

Monday 6th January - Friday 14th February

Monday 24th February - Friday 3rd April

 Summer Term 2020

Monday 20th April - Friday 22nd May

Monday 4th June - Monday 21st July

*Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd September 2019 are staff training days, 3 more for the academic year are to be arranged.
*Friday 8th May 2020 is a Bank Holiday 

 Staff training days, which are occasional holidays for pupils will be notified as they

 are arranged via the school newsletter. 

Voluntary One-way system

If you are new to the school we ask that when collecting or bringing children to school that you enter Grenfell Road via Lichfield Road and Pelsall Lane and exit into Stoney Lane. This system means that we can keep a flow of traffic through the area and prevent danger caused by vehicles reversing when they cannot get through.


When parking, please do not stop on the yellow zig zag lines, the white lines or pavement areas. Please do not drive along and park on grass verges and pavements. Thank you for your co-operation in keeping the area outside school safe.

As a school we promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage children and parents to walk to school.

Children can buy toast or bagel at morning break. Children in KS1 are offered a piece of fruit at afternoon break free of charge. We are a ‘healthy eating’ school and ask that children do not bring sweets or chocolate to school for break time.

We would rather your child arrive late than not at all. Everyone understands the occasional lapse, but we do not like children to be late too often. Persistent lateness gets the child off to a bad start and develops poor work habits. The school gate is locked at 9.00 for security reasons. Children then enter by the main entrance and names are noted in the late book. The Head Teacher will follow up any persistent lateness.
Time out of School
When children have to leave school during school hours or have an early morning appointment to visit the dentist, clinic etc. please collect a Signing Out Pass from the office. This slip must be returned to the office when your child returns to school, even if this is the next day.
In the event of your child being absent from school, it is essential that we are informed so that we can account for your child's whereabouts and keep an accurate register.

Please telephone us before 9.00 a.m. on each day of your child's absence. We take any unexplained absence seriously and our Duty of Care requires us to take action, if no call is received.

Response to Unexplained Pupil Absence

- Telephone call to parent/carer by 10.00 a.m.
- Text to parent/carer by 10.30 a.m.
- Home visit to parent/carer by Parent Support Advisor and/or
  Attendance Officer by 11.30 a.m.


 Holidays in term time will not be authorised. The Governors have decided that the Head Teacher can authorise an occasional day in exceptional circumstances. This does not include birthdays or days out. Exceptional circumstances cover such things as funerals, marriages or other events that can not be re-organised by the parents. Unauthorised absence may result in a fixed penalty notice being issued by Walsall Children's Services. 




The Governors and I know how important photographs of your children taking part in school activities are. If you want to take photos of school events please bring along your cameras! However, please don’t take photos during assemblies or Christmas performances as this distracts the children. There will be an opportunity at the end of the events to take photos.

Also from time to time we receive requests for children to be photographed, for publicity purposes (e.g. newspaper or educational publications). If you are not willing for your child (children) to be photographed and for the photograph to be published, please inform school, in writing, as soon as possible.

We also include photographs of children on the school website. These photo’s will only appear on the school site where you will need a password supplied by the school to access them. If you are not willing for your child’s photograph to be used, please let us know, in writing, as soon as possible.

School Uniform
 Our School Uniform is blue.  



  Navy Blue Trousers Long for winter, (short for summer – optional).
  Blue Shirt (not polo)
  Navy Blue V-neck Jumper (also available with school logo)
  Navy/Sky Striped Tie
  Plain Navy Socks
  Black Shoes – Not Trainers





  Navy Skirt or Pinafore Dress

  Navy Trousers (shorts for summer optional)
  Blue/White Gingham Summer Dress
  Blue Shirt
  Navy/Sky Striped Tie
  Navy Blue Cardigan/V-neck Jumper (also available with school logo)
  White Socks
  Plain Navy Tights for Winter
  Sensible Black Shoes – No Trainers, no sling backs or high heels.



  Navy T-Shirt with school logo

  available from the school office.

  Navy P.E. Skirt or Shorts
  Pumps – essential
  KS2 may need trainers for

  outdoor games.


Wellington Boots can be worn for outdoor use in bad weather. A navy blue fleece with the school logo and a scarf embroidered with the school logo on is available from Buxton & Bonnett. This is an optional extra and is for outdoor wear only.



We do not like children wearing jewellery or expensive watches in school in case they get lost or damaged. For safety reasons only one pair of stud type earrings may be worn. Earrings must be removed for P.E lessons, it is no longer possible to cover earrings with plasters. No nose studs.


The Governors of Little Bloxwich would like to remind you that extreme styles of dress or hairstyle are not appropriate for school.

Pupil Behaviour

The class teacher is concerned not only for the educational progress but also for the personal and social development of your child. We try to combine high expectations with a sympathetic approach. Sometimes however problems do crop up and we involve parents at an early stage rather than leave it until later and we hope you as parents will do the
same with us. A new baby in the family or some upset at home can cause your child to behave differently at school, just as worrying over school work or a fall out with a friend can cause you problems at home.

Our school rules are simple to understand and we expect all pupils to keep to them.

School Rules

1.   Always do our best at all times
2.   Always be friendly, polite and truthful
3.   Respect others and their property
4.   Take care of each other
5.   Be helpful, kind, considerate and thoughtful to others.


Home School Agreement

As part of our partnership with parents to achieve the best possible for your child a ‘Home School Agreement’ is completed when your child starts at Little Bloxwich C of E VC Primary School.

School Meals

Most of our children like to stay to lunch. They either have a school meal or bring a 'healthy' packed lunch. Please send the correct dinner money in an envelope on Monday morning. School meals are not run by the school, therefore any queries must be dealt with via the school kitchen.

We are often asked these questions about dinners:-
Q  Can you order school meals?
   A Yes, complete a menu for the following week.  
Q  Are children encouraged to eat their dinner?
    A   Yes, but no one is made to.  
Q  Are they expected to use a knife and fork?   
    A   Yes.  
Q  Does someone notice if a child leaves his lunch several days running?   
   A Yes.  
Q  Are parents told about it?   
   A   Yes, if it happens persistently.   
Q  Do they have to eat their lunch in a set time?
   A    No.  
Q  Can children bring sandwiches if they so wish?
   A    Yes.  
Lunch is a valuable social activity and children are encouraged to eat properly, have good table manners and clear away after themselves as well and to meet and talk with their friends.

If you wish your child to have a packed lunch please: -

2.1    Provide a suitable NAMED LUNCH CONTAINER.

2.2    Do NOT put any drinks in GLASS CONTAINERS.

If you wish your child to go home: -

3.1    If your child is to go home for lunch regularly the school must be informed by

         a parent / carer or in writing prior to the first occasion.

3.2    If your child is going home for an isolated day again school must be informed

          as above.


         BY AN ADULT.

4       KS1 pupils should return to school for 1.00 pm and KS2 pupils Y3/4 should return

         for 1.00 pm, Y5/6 should return for 1.15 pm when their afternoon bell goes.  

Free School Meals
Application for Free School Meals

We get additional funding in our school budget for each child in receipt of free meals. It is therefore VERY IMPORTANT that everyone entitled to register does so even if they do not wish their child to have a school meal. If you have any queries please contact the office.

ALL Key Stage 1 children will be entitled to a free school meal.


Keeping in Touch
We know how important it is for you to know what is happening at school. There are a number of opportunities for the teacher and parents to get together and for parents to be involved in school.
1. Weekly newsletters - these letters are sent home every Friday to inform you of events the following week and have essential items of information and for general interest. This is also on the school website.
2. Parents evenings - In October, time to attend with your child to discuss how they have settled into their new class and to discuss targets for the future. February as a follow up meeting to see the child’s work. An informal July evening to see work, discuss progress and meet your child’s teacher for the new year if you wish.
3. Termly Reports - You will receive a written report termly. Reporting on your child’s attainment and progress.
4. Quick messages - To ensure the security of the school and that staff are available to receive their classes promptly at 8.55 Mrs Down and Mrs Powell will be on duty in the main entrance from 8.45-8.55 to take messages.
5. Informal appointments - If you require more teacher time an appointment can be made to see your child’s teacher at 3.30. Alternatively for urgent matters that need immediate attention, the Head Teacher is usually available at 8.55. If you are worried or unsure about anything please speak to us. 
6. Base-line meeting - When children start school in Reception, parents are invited to discuss with the class teacher what their child can and cannot do. It is important we have a starting point to work from, and the basic information you give us at this meeting helps us make starting school as smooth a process as possible for your child. 
7. Governors meeting - There are termly governors meetings which parents can attend as observers to see how the school is run. 
Child Protection

The Head Teacher, Mrs Ellen Taylor, is the designated Child Protection Officer and Mrs Jenni Cordon is the designated Child Protection Governor, and all staff at Little Bloxwich seek to adopt an open and accepting attitude towards children as part of their responsibility for pastoral care.

Children's worries and fear will be taken seriously if help is sought from a member of staff. Parents should be aware that under the framework for Child Protection confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if concerns are such that a referral must be made to the appropriate agencies to safeguard a child's welfare.

Please note that Child Protection and Child Safeguarding Procedures are not used frequently. However, we are legally required to give you the following information.

More information is available in our Child Safeguarding Policy which can be requested from school if required. 




Extended Schools

We run a breakfast club on site that opens daily from 8.00 a.m. where children take part in structured activities, receive a breakfast of toast, cereals and a drink.

We also offer a wraparound service Monday to Thursday until 5.00 p.m.

The school offers a range of extracurricular activities including, Football, Multisports, Cookery Club and Film club.


Little Bloxwich C of E VC Primary School | Grenfell Road | Walsall | WS3 3DL
Tel: (01922) 684301 | Email:
Head Teacher: Ellen Taylor