RE and Collective Worship

At Little Bloxwich we follow our 4 Christian Values (4C's). These are Caring, Courtesy, Courage and Conscientiousness. Each classroom has our Christian Values chart which we try to get our names added to when we display these values in school.

For the first four weeks of our school year we focus on our Christian Values in class. We spend one week on each value and discuss it in worships. We then complete work based on them in our RE books, linking each one to a different Bible Story where this value can be demonstrated.

Once a half term we take part in a mix-up afternoon. Each class splits up into other classes and takes part in a craft activity based on a theme. For Autumn 2 we looked at the Lord's prayer. We split the prayer up into 7 sections and looked at each one in more detail. We then created a range of art work based on it, focusing on our interpretations behind the meaning of each part.

Each class has a class RE book. This is where we record any trips we may go on for RE, or where we complete a class activity.

Our house point teams are named after the 4 saints of Great Britain, St Andrew, St David, St Patrick and St George. Each year we have a focus lesson on the Saints as close to their day as we can. We think about who they are and why they are remembered. Most recently, we looked at St Andrew and completed tasks based on him, and Scottish heritage.