N.H.S Five Ways to Well-being



Social relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing and for acting as a buffer against mental ill health for people of all ages.

With this in mind, try to do something different today and make a connection.

  • Talk to someone instead of sending a text

  • Speak to someone new

  • Ask how someone’s day was and really listen when they tell you

  • Put five minutes aside to find out how someone really is

  • Give a colleague a lift to work or share the journey home with them.

Be Active

Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups.

Today, why not get physical? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take the stairs not the lift

  • Go for a walk at lunchtime

  • Have a kick-about in a local park

  • Do some ‘easy exercise’, like stretching


People who help others are more likely to rate themselves as happy.

Carrying out an act of kindness once a week over a six-week period is associated with an increase in wellbeing.

Take Notice

Take some time to enjoy the moment and the environment around you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get a plant for your home

  • Have a ‘clear the clutter’ day

  • Take notice of how your friends and family are feeling or acting

  • Visit a new place for lunch

Keep Learning

Setting goals and learning throughout life enhances self-esteem and encourages social interaction and a more active life.

Why not learn something new today? Here are a few more ideas:

  • Find out new about someone close to you

  • Read about something that interests you

  • Research something you’ve always wondered about

  • Learn a new word