Well Being Club

We are commitment to raising awareness of mental health and well-being throughout our school.

This half-term, all Year 3 and Year 4 children were invited to join our Well Being Club.

Week 1 - Tuesday 20th November 2018

We talked about 'What is mental health? Who has mental health? And the NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing...Connect, Keep Learning, Take Notice, Give and Be Active.

We learned that good mental health means being generally able to think, feel and react in the ways that you need and want to live our life. We all have mental health and if we practice the NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing we can better cope with the normal stresses of life.

We practiced CONNECTing with each other; getting to know others that we don't usually talk or play with, we talked about our 'colourful' feelings and the times in our life when Connecting with others (parents, family, friends and teachers) may help.

Children each took a selection of coloured sweets home to talk about feelings and an instruction sheet on Pizza Massage; two wonderful ways to CONNECT.

Please see Mrs Allan or Mrs Davies for more information, if you want to find out more.

Week 2 - Tuesday 27th November 2018

Week one's focus was CONNECT.

The focus of this week's session was KEEP LEARNING.

We discussed how learning a new skill can be daunting (CONNECT). Yet, if we keep at it, we can build self-confidence and develop the resilience to face challenges. We all have challenges in our life and if we practice the NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing we are better equipped to cope.

Children proudly talked with each other about a skill they have learned (CONNECT). It was wonderful to see all the medals, certificates and work that the children brought in to share.

Following this we made Sensory Salt Dough (KEEP LEARNING). Each child personalised their dough using colour and scent. They chose a colour and scent with either uplifting or calming properties. We hope that the children enjoyed playing with the dough at home (squishing and squashing can have a calming, stress relieving effect) and explained the reason behind their colour and scent choice to you (KEEP LEARNING).  

Each child has been given a copy of the recipe for Salt Dough and sheets explaining the effects of colour and scent (see below). Maybe you can CONNECT and KEEP LEARNING by having a go at making your own Sensory Salt Dough and playing with colour and scent!

Week 3 - Tuesday 4th December 2018

Week one's focus was CONNECT, week two's focus was KEEP LEARNING.

The focus of this week's session was TAKE NOTICE.

If we TAKE NOTICE, we live 'in the moment'. Focusing our attention helps us to focus and calm our mind. We all have challenges in our life and if we practice the NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing we are better equipped to cope.

The children tried a variety of TAKE NOTICE activities, many for the first time (KEEP LEARNING).

Firstly came eating a biscuit; mindfully!! This proved quite interesting as most of us eat without really taking the time to notice the texture, smell and taste of our food.

Next came, bubble blowing. Your child will have brought home a cup and straw to practice at home. Controlling and slowing down our breath helps to calm our bodies stress response.

Then, we practiced using our five senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste) as a way to distract us from a stressful experience and come into the present moment. This is useful when we find ourselves feeling panicky.

Lastly, mindful colouring. This is very popular at the moment for children and adults, alike. Focusing intently on an colouring activity can be very relaxing and therapeutic; helping our minds switch off from all the thoughts that maybe floating around.

It was lovely to see the children speaking to each other (CONNECT) about their experiences and having fun!

Week 4 - Tuesday 11th December 2018

Week one's focus was CONNECT, week two's focus was KEEP LEARNING, week three's focus was TAKE NOTICE.

The focus of this week's session was BE ACTIVE.

BE ACTIVE is all about exercising. Finding new ways to enjoy exercise is good for our mental and physical health. We all have challenges in our life and if we practice the NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing we are better equipped to cope.

There was a presentation about staying fit and healthy (KEEP LEARNING). Did you know that exercising can actually put you in a better mood? When you exercise, your brain releases a chemical which may make you feel happier. 

Children worked together and devised a number of one minute exercises (CONNECT). They tried them out, recording changes in their bodies and minds beforehand and afterwards (TAKE NOTICE). Needless to say hearts pumped faster, faces became red and there were lots of smiles and giggles.

Self-Esteem Poses came next. I Am Strong, I Am Brave, I Am Wise, I Am Kind, I Am Friendly.

We finished with an exercise word search followed by JUST DANCE.

It was lovely to see the children 'letting go' and busting some moves!!

The keen-eyed among you will have noticed we have not explored GIVE, the final one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Next year, your child will be invited to GIVE their time, share their knowledge and experience with the  new children joining Well-Being Club.

Please watch out for a feedback form for you and your child to complete and return to Mrs Davies, making sure you complete the slip on the bottom if your child wants to continue to be involved.

Well done to all who took part! 

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