Welcome to Year 6 

Teacher: Miss Oliver 
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Morton, Mrs Cordon

Autumn 1 Term Objectives

Year: 6      Date: September 2016

This is intended for parents and pupils to share the learning objectives for the term. It also provides targets for the term ahead.







  To read, write, round and order numbers up to

    1,000,000 and determine the value of each digit.

  To add/subtract negative numbers.

  To recognise and describe number relationships

    including multiples, factors, prime and square..

  To use efficient methods to add and subtract.

  To multiply and divide numbers up to 4 digits by a

    2-digit whole number using formal written methods.

  Mean, Median, Mode, Range

  To calculate and interpret the mean as an average.

My Maths target is:
To multiply and divide any number, including decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. 






  To increase my familiarity with legends.
  To justify inferences with evidence.
  To predict what might happen from implied details.
  To summarise the main ideas from a paragraph/text.
  To evaluate the use of the author’s language.

  To understand the audience I am writing for and use

     an appropriate style.

  To select grammar and vocabulary to enhance meaning.

  To create atmosphere in narrative writing.

  To build cohesion across paragraphs.

  To proof read my own and others’ writing and suggest

     editing alterations.

My English target is:
To express subtle distinctions of meaning by constructing sentences in varied ways.  
Other useful information for this term:
Music for Y6 is on Tuesdays so please remember to bring your instruments.
Correct PE kit needs to be in school on Thursdays. Please make sure that long hair is tied back and earrings have been removed.
Manor Adventure is week beginning 17th October.
Life during the Roman Times
We will be learning about:

Early communication: How did people communication with each other in the past? How was news communicated in the past? Creating a timeline of forms of communication.

The Roman Invasions: How many attempts did it take for the Romans to invade? How can we use different sources to find out about how and what happened?

Roman Roads: Why did the Romans want to build new roads? Where are the Roman roads located? What is special about the Roman roads?

Roman art: How did they decorate their homes and cities? Where can we find evidence of Roman architecture?

Gods and Goddesses: Who are the Roman Gods and Goddesses and what do they each stand for?

Life today: How is life today affected by the Romans and the way they lived their lives? What is life like in Rome today? What is their legacy?
Life during the Roman Times Homework

Have a go at as many of these homework activities as you can and bring in whatever you do to share in school:

1.    Write your own newspaper report about a Roman event.
2.    Design a Roman coin.
3.    Learn about Roman numerals and list places where Roman numerals are used today.
4.    Design a ‘Wanted’ poster. Soldiers for the Roman Army. You need to be very fit and

       healthy, march long distances, throw a javelin, swim, be calm in battle and fight

        with a sword and shield.
5.    Research about the Roman Army and write down 10 facts about it.
6.    Design a new Roman god or goddess – what would they rule over?
7.    Floors of Roman buildings were often richly decorated with mosaics. Research and

       then design your own Roman mosaic.
8.    Find out about the Roman baths.
9.    Pretend you are writing a quiz about Roman leisure (theatres, gladiators, games).

       You need to ask 10 questions with 3 possible answers. Make sure one of three is

       the correct answer.
10.    Find out about Julius Caesar – who was he? What did he do?
11.    Take photographs of places where you have seen Roman architecture.
12.    We still use a lot of Latin in our language today – find out which words originate

        from Latin.
13.    Write a diary entry as though you were a child living in Roman times – what would

         your daily life be like?

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