Welcome to Year 6! 

Teacher: Miss Stewart 
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Moreton

Spring 1 Term Objectives

Year: 6      Date: January 2019

This is intended for parents and pupils to share the learning objectives for the term. It also provides targets for the term ahead.









-To understand equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages, reducing and ordering.



-To solve problems involving the calculation of percentages.



-To recognise approximate proportions of a whole and simple fractions and to understand simple ratio.



-To solve problems involving ratio and direct proportion.



-To generate and describe linear number sequences.



-To use simple algebraic formulae and to express missing number problems algebraically.



-To find pairs of numbers that satisfies an equation with two unknowns.


-To calculate averages.

My Maths target is: To solve problems involving converting between units of time and to read timetables.







-Learn a wider range of poetry by heart.


-Preparing poems and plays to read aloud and to perform, showing an understanding through intonation, tone and volume so that the meaning is clear to an audience.


-Predict what might happen from implied details.


-Summarise main ideas from a paragraph/text and identify main ideas from text.


-Understand what is read through discussion and re-reading.


-Understand audience and use appropriate style.


-Select grammar and vocab to enhance meaning (explain choices).


-Describe settings, characters and atmosphere – use of grammar and vocabulary to enhance meaning.


-Build cohesion across paragraphs.


-To be able to identify and use figurative language.

My English target is: To link ideas across paragraphs using a wide range of cohesive devices.
Other useful information for this term:
  • Music for Y6 is on Mondays so please remember to bring your instruments.
  • Correct PE kit needs to be in school on Tuesdays. Please make sure that long hair is tied back and earrings have been removed.
  • English homework is set on a Tuesday and due in on a Friday. Maths homework is set on a Friday and due in on a Tuesday.
  • Spellings are set on a Friday for a text on the following Friday.

Our Current Discovery Quest Topic:

Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent

We will be learning:

About fashion from the past and when it was popular.

About different fashion from the decades, designers, influences etc.

About traditional dress from around the world.

To test different materials and if they are suitable for a particular purpose when recycling them.

How to design our own item of clothing for a particular purpose.

What different accessories are and how them compliment an outfit.

How to recycle different materials in different ways to create something new.

How to design our own logo for a fashion brand.

Basic sewing techniques.

How to select, make and combine suitable materials to create new products.

Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent



Make a keyring out of a shrunken crisp packet.

Research a famous fashion designer from the past and create a fact file/poster about them.

Design an outfit from a chosen decade, e.g. 1980’s. what were the significant trends from that time period?

Make your chosen outfit out of resources of your choice.

How many different new uses can you think of for a cardboard box? Can you come up with at least 10?

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