Meet Our Councillors
      Y6   -

Zienna Dean (Chair)

Justin Reddington (Vice-Chair)

      Y5   -

Jayden White

Tia Jenkins

      Y4   -

Blake McCarthy

Holly Marklew

      Y3   -

Abigail Staples

Alfie Wilson

      Y2   -

Jorja-Jo Johnston

Jack Bentley

      Y1   -

Ryley-Jai Grice

Molly Sheldrick

We meet once a month to discuss a number of school issues.

Below is our agenda for this year.

 Council Meeting Timetable
  Thursday 14th November  -  
  Thursday 5th December  -  
  Thursday 16th January  -  
  Thursday 6th February  -  
  Thursday 6th March  -  
  Thursday 24th April  -  
  Thursday 22nd May  -  
  Thursday 12th June  -  
  Thursday 3rd July  -  

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