Welcome to Reception 

Teacher: Mrs Smith, Mrs Chanter
Teaching Assistants: Miss Owen, Mr Taylor

Autumn 1 Term Objectives

Year: Reception      Date: September 2016

This is intended for parents and pupils to share the learning objectives for the term. It also provides targets for the term ahead.





  Recognise numerals 0-10 or beyond.

  Count objects to 10 and beginning to count beyond 10.

  Select correct numeral to 10.

  Find 1 more and less from a group of objects.

  Recognise 2d shapes.

  Create patterns with shapes, colours and objects.

My Maths target is:
To use numbers to 10 confidently in a range of different ways.




  Show an interest in books and use them correctly.

  Hears and says initial sounds in words.

  Segment and blend small words.

  Give meaning to marks they write or draw.

  Writes own name.

  Forms sounds correctly.

My English target is:
To talk in sentences and be able to recognise initial sounds.
Other useful information for this 1/2 term:
PE – Monday & Friday – hair tied up, jewellery out and PE kit in school.
We will listen to your child read in school or talk to them about books twice a week. We will make comments in Reading Thingy.
Please help your child with any tasks we send home.

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