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Meet Fluffy

Meet Fluffy

Fluffy is our class cuddly toy. He spends time with us in our classroom Monday to  Friday and at the weekend he gets to go home with someone from our class. So far he has had some great adventures! The children record what they do with Fluffy (with some help from parents and grandparents) and include any drawings, writing and photographs of their weekend together.

Writing Stars

Writing Stars

When the children started in September they were all given a star to have a go at writing their name on. These are displayed in our classroom on our Writing Stars Wall. Each term the children will write their name on their star. They are all working so hard to write their name correctly and the improvements we can see are already amazing!

Reaching for the Rainbow

We love celebrating things we have achieved in School and we love to hear about achievements outside of school. Therefore, every half term the children are given a cloud for parents to record something achieved outside of school. This is then shared and celebrated with everyone in our class. We display these on our Reaching for the Rainbow display board. It has been great to celebrate the excellent swimmers we have in our class, those that now get ready for school independently and those that are learning to ride a bike, or even a horse!

Useful documents and information for parents

Spring Term Objectives

Year: Reception      Date: January 2020

This is intended for parents and pupils to share the learning objectives for the term. It also provides targets for the term ahead.







  • Recognise numerals 0-20.

  • Count objects to 20.

  • Select correct numeral to 20.

  • Find 1 more and 1 less of a number.

  • Order numbers up to 20.

  • Use words like more, add, less, take away.

  • Learn number bonds to 10 e.g 6+4=10

  • Use positional language such as on, behind,

    infront or in to describe where an object is.

  • Begin to name coins and use combination of

    coins to make an amount.


My Maths target is:


To be confident with number bonds and doubles to 10 and begin learning these facts up to 20.







  • Write both names.

  • Have an effective pencil grip.

  • Form letters correctly and use phonic

    knowledge to write words.

  • Become more confident with reading red


  • Say each of the sounds in a short word and

    begin to read simple sentences.

  • Label pictures and write a short caption.

  • Write a short sentence


My English target is:

To label a picture, write a short caption and sentence.

The above targets are age related expectations for the end of the Spring term. Your child maybe working above or below these targets.

Other useful information for this 1/2 term:

PE – Tuesday & Wednesday – hair tied up, jewellery out and PE kit in school.

We will listen to your child read in school or talk to them about

books twice a week. We will make comments in their Reading Thingy. Please make sure your child has their homework book and word tin
in school every Friday. We will be sending home red words and words from our book each week for them to learn to recognise and read. Please help your child with any tasks we send home.

Other areas of the curriculum.

Personal, social, emotional development.

  • I know what I should do to keep safe and be happy.

  • I can tell my friends and grown-ups what I need, what I like and don’t like.

Physical development

  • I can use scissors to cut paper.

  • I can push, pat, throw a ball.

  • I can tell you about different ways of keeping healthy.

Communication and language

  • I can listen, follow and complete a given instruction.

  • I can use words to tell you about something I have done or made.

  • I can pretend to be different people and pretend to do different things.

Understanding the world

  • I am aware of different times that are special to people such as Diwali, Christmas and Chinese New Year.

  • I can talk about how things grow and change.

Expressive arts and design

  • I can choose things I need when wanting to make something.

  • I can tap, shake, scrape and hit musical instruments to find out the different sounds.

  • I can use building toys and boxes to make the thing I want.

Our book in English is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Our topics this term are: Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day andPirates. (Please see your DQ fact sheet for more information on our Pirate topic)

Useful Documents:

Other useful information:

Inspire Workshop  on Wednesday 11th March - Under the Sea 

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