School Development Plan

Dear Parents & Children,

Welcome back to school, I hope you all had a wonderful summer.

It is lovely to see everyone back at school looking smart in their new uniforms, and the children have settled in really well and had a great week.

Each year the Governors and staff at Little Bloxwich consider how we can make our school even better than it already is.

Once we have done this we produce our school development plan.

This year we have 5 priorities.

Priority Focus

What will you see at school

1.-To ensure the curriculum meets the needs of children at Little Bloxwich School

A change in the Discovery Quest topics we teach.


More first-hand experiences in the curriculum for example posting a letter or going to the shops.


That our most able children are consistently challenged in all subjects.


Developments of our Personal, Social, Health Education scheme to ensure that cover areas that are specific to our school community, this will include work on how to stay healthy physically and mentally.


2/3 – To ensure the number of children across the school who are making good and better progress and ensure those who are capable of achieving GREATER DEPTH have provision that enables this.

(In Maths and English)

Focus on handwriting across the school.


A push to develop children’s vocabulary - watch out for those ‘special’ words.


Develop how children ‘edit’ their writing.


To develop interventions that have maximum impact on children’s writing and maths work.


That all children are challenged consistently.


New end of year expectations will be designed for our reception children.


Continue to ensure maths basic skills are embedded. So please keep working on the times tables rock stars.

4 – To continue to develop subject leadership and enhance the curriculum and learning environment within each classroom and subject.

A range of staff will be looking at your children’s books to ensure expectations are consistent across the subjects and the classes.


Staff will be looking carefully at the skills the children need to master in each subject. We will put this information on our website as we complete each subject.

More competitive sporting opportunities and a change in after school clubs that are offered.

5 – To further develop the Christian distinctiveness within our school.

I will be re-launching our worship committee where children and governors will meet to decide how this very important aspect of our school can be developed,


You will see a new display board in the entrance hall where we will celebrate our Christian distinctiveness.


More of a focus on our 4C’s  Caring, Courage , Courtesy, Conscientiousness, these are our Christian values


We will be inviting people from outside school to come and talk to us during assembly times.

We are all very proud of our school, but we are always looking for ways to make it even better.

Look out for the changes and if you have any questions please come in and talk to us. If you would like to see a full copy of the School Development Plan just pop in and ask.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Ellen Taylor,
Head Teacher


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