Our Vision
All things are possible with God.
Matthew 19-26

At Little Bloxwich Church of England Primary School we see that everyone is unique and they are valued for this. Together we flourish socially, spiritually,emotionally and academically .We are part of God's family and everyone is expected to treat each other with kindness and respect as Jesus taught us to.

Our Christian Values


Our Christian values underpin everyday at Little Bloxwich CE(VC) Primary School.
We call them the 4Cs: Courtesy, Courage, Conscientiousness and Caring.

Our children and staff are polite and respectful to each other. We follow Jesus’ teachings and respect everyone as equals.

Courtesy (Matthew 26),


We encourage our children to be courageous, just as Jesus was;to stand up for their beliefs and to know the difference between right and wrong.

Courage (Daniel 6 1-28)

Our children and staff take great pride in our school. They always try their best and have high expectations of themselves and others.

Conscientiousness (Mathew 18 12-14)
We follow Jesus’ example and care for one another. We treat each other with respect and understanding. We offer support and kindness to each other every day.

(Luke 10 25-37),

Alongside our Christian values, the 4Cs, we teach children the need to follow rules and make just and morally right decisions. We teach them the value of democracy and the power that it gives to them. They all vote for school councillors and house captains.

We prepare our children for life after Little Bloxwich. We make sure they leave us with the security of knowing that God loves them. We nurture and develop with them the skills that they will need in life to become good citizens.